Who We Are?

Our Mission

“To enable the fullest possible personality development of your child, Unique Kindergarten, Doha Qatar gives priority to the integration of the intellectual, moral, physical and emotional development of the individual pupil.  Relationships within Unique Kindergarten are characterized by respect,  honesty, Sincerity, dignity,courage and compassion”.                                                 
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In 2012,well wishers of Indian community established Unique Kindergarten. It is run by the Indian management.


Admission in Unique is a simple process. If your child has completed

1.3yrs of age in April

2.Medically fit to attend school

3.Bears Qatar Resident Permit

you can Register his name online after reading the rules and regulations of the school


7.30 AM  TO 11.30 AM

7.15 AM TO 12.30 PM


Student should be in school by latest 07:15 AM.  All children go directly to their classroom.Parents are requested to see their children attend school punctually and they are collected punctually at the school closing time. Pupils waiting to be picked after school hours should wait in the school’s waiting area. All pupils should arrive at Unique Kindergarten between 07.00am to 07.15am and picked up between 11.30 am and 11.45pm.  Failing to collect the child at the given time may result to Extra Hours Charges.

Regularity of attendance and punctuality are important in the academic progress, skill development and overall growth of the child.

Pupils who have been absent or late should have the reason for this irregularity entered on the record pages of the notebook. Absenteeism of any nature should be communicated to the class teacher as soon as possible.

In all cases, the school office should be notified by the parent before 9:00 AM, if a student is to be absent that day.


Parents should hand over their child to the gateman or directly to the class teacher and not outside of the premises of the school. Safety is to be concerned and maintained seriously of every child.Parents cannot take their kid before closing time without prior permission of the concerned authority and proper entry in the Register.In the case of a student’s illness while in school, the school will call the telephone number listed on the “Emergency Contact number”. If the nature of the emergency requires immediate medical attention, the principal or the teacher will call the Emergency Medical Service. If there are any changes in the “Emergency Contact number” , the parent or guardian is responsible to notify the school in writing immediately.


Student should arrive at school in full and clean uniform. Blow out, jells, pump or fancy hair styles and hair colors are not allowed. Nail polish, jewelry, must be avoided. Girls with simple hair style. Boys Hair length may not exceed collar length. All hair must be kept clean and neat.