Rules and Regulations

“To enable the fullest possible personality development of your child, Unique Kindergarten gives priority to the integration of the spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical and emotional development of the individual pupil.  Relationships within Unique Kindergarten are characterized by respect, justice, honesty, sincerity, dignity, courage and compassion”.                                                          

To obtain highest levels of educational standard on the part of the pupil and parents. Unique Kindergarten expects you to observe the following norms:


  • Student should be in school by latest 07:15 AM.  All children go directly to their
  • Parents are requested to see their children attend school punctually and they are collected punctually at the school closing time. Pupils waiting to be picked after school hours should wait in the school's waiting area near reception. All pupil’s should arrive to Unique Kindergarten between 07.00am to 07.15am and picked up between 11.30 am to 12.00pm.  Failing to collect the child at the given time may result to Extra Hours Charges.
  • Under no circumstances children should be left outside of the school premises by the parents.


  • Parents should hand over their child to the gateman or direct them to the class teacher and not outside of the premises of the school. Safety is to be concerned and maintained seriously of every child.
  • Pupils may not leave the school compound without prior permission from the concerned authority.
  • If a student may have to leave school during the school day unless accompanied by a parent or guardian who must report to the school office. In the case of a student's illness while in school, the school will call the telephone number listed on the "Emergency Contact Card". If the nature of the emergency requires immediate medical attention, the principal or the teacher will call the Emergency Medical Service. If there are any changes on the "Emergency Contact Card" , the parent or guardian is responsible to notify the school in writing immediately.
  • The parent or guardian must sign the student out before the student leaves the building during school hours.This record will ne kept on file and is considered a legal document.

Closing Time:

  • Parents are responsible to pick up their children at dismissal time. In extraordinary circumstances, if a parent or guardian is unable to pick up a student, arrangements must be made with the Principal or Teacher in advance


  • Regularity of attendance and punctuality are important in the academic progress of the child and in His or Her character training.
  • Pupils who have been absent or late should have the reason for this irregularity entered on the record pages of the notebook. Absenteeism of any nature should be communicated to the class teacher as soon as possible.
  • Removing the child from school for an extra vacation during school time should be given very serious consideration by the parents.
  • In all cases, the school office should be notified by the parent before 9:00 AM if a student is to be absent that day.
  • A written excuse from the parent of an absent student must be presented to the teacher when the student returns to school. These become part of the attendance file.


  • Student should arrive at school in clean uniform and leave school in full uniform.
  • Blow out, jells, pump or fancy hair styles and hair colors are not allowed. Nail polish, make up may not be worn in school.
  • Girls with simple hair style. Boys Hair length may not exceed collar length. All hair must be kept clean and neat.


  • If a student is to be transferred to another school, the school must be notified at least four months prior to the transfer. A parent or legal guardian must sign an official Withdrawal Form in the school office.


  • School Fees should be paid in FULL. Fee defaulters will not be allowed to continue.


  • Toys and comics should not be brought to school. Pupils are not permitted to exchange toys, books,pencils etc. If a child brings these things from home they should be returned to the class teacher as soon as possible.
  • Chewing gum should never be brought to school at any given time.
  • Mobiles phones and any other electronic devices should not be brought to school either.
  • Pupils should not carry money.
  • Jewelry is not permitted, except that girls may wear one pair of normal earrings, (not fancy)


  • All pupils must participate in all school activities.


  • Parent may not seek interviews with teachers during class hours unless permission is sought out through appointment. Teachers may not leave their classrooms during a teaching period.


  • All text books and exercise books should be covered with suitable paper and well labeled. They should be treated with care and kept clean.
  • Each pupil is expected to have the notebook which may conveniently be used for brief communications between teachers and parents. Pupils should enter each day’s homework in the notebook and parents are expected to check that the work has been completed, to note the teacher’s remarks and to sign the notebook.
  • School reports will be sent to the parent before the end of the term.


  • Pupils are expected at all times to behave obediently and respectfully towards the teachers and other staff members in the school. They are to show gentleness and courtesy towards their fellow pupils. screaming and noisy behaviour are not allowed.
  • Discipline is the training that develops self-control, orderliness, efficiency and character. Basic to all discipline is the principle of respect - respect for one's self, for others and for all children.
  • Parents are expected to co-operate with the school by enforcing self-control and discipline by maintaining a positive encouragement to their child/children’s academic progress.

In order to maintain discipline,the principal in consultation with the staff, reserves the right to cancel the registration of the student whose conduct and progress is unsatisfactory.

The parent has to sign the following pledge at the time of admission of his child.


I……………………………………………….parent/guardian of …………………………………………. promise to do my part to ensure that my daughter/son observes these rules and regulations and I understand that the Principal in consultation with his staff reserves the right to withdraw a pupil whose conduct or progress are unsatisfactory or whose school fee has not been paid on time.

Name and Signature of the parent………………………………………………….

Date ………………………………………………..